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Boating Classes

Course Target
About Boating Safely
  One Day Seminar
All Boaters 11/04/17   , 12/02/17   
Navegando America *SPANISH*
  Seminario de un dia
En Español 11/04/17   
GPS For Mariners
  3 and a half Hours Seminar
ABS Graduates 11/18/17   
GPS para los Marineros
  3 horas y medias
Graduados de ABS 11/18/17   

We offer free monthly About Boating Safely. We are able to offer our programs free of any charges thanks to the support of the Monica Burguera Foundation.

Boating safety programs offered by our team of instructors.
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Date Location Schedule Course
11/04/2017-Saturday KBVCC 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM About Boating Safely
11/04/2017-Saturday KBVCC 8:30 AM a 5:00 PM Navegando America *SPANISH*
11/18/2017-Saturday MBF 09:30 AM to 1:00 PM GPS For Mariners
11/18/2017-Saturday MBF 1:30 a 4:45 PM GPS para los Marineros
12/02/2017-Saturday MBF 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM About Boating Safely

For further information or to register for one of our boating safety courses:

Please contact: Henry Cespedes, Staff Officer Public Education
305-428-2453 Ext. 2 or email

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Public Education Courses Offered Elsewhere

If our offering of courses does not meet your needs, please use the link below to find other courses. Find other USCG boating education courses